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 Meet Golden Rule Property Managers Scott and Jennifer Gray



Golden Rule Property Managers working for you

Golden Rule Real Estate Team was founded by Scott and Jennifer Gray. Scott and Jennifer, seasoned property managers and real estate brokers, work hard for their clients. The Grays chose to focus on the needs of apartment and rental owners both large and small.  As a result, the Golden Rule Real Estate Team has grown to serve more and more varied clients. Quality customer service remains their highest priority.  It is never compromised because Golden Rule is more than a name.

“Golden Rule is more than a Name…”

Not only does this dynamic team treat every one of their clients’ investments with personal care, they also provide expert HOA management. Working with care and efficiency, the Golden Rule Team saves associations hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in overall maintenance fees.

Golden Rule Serves primarily in the following areas, helping them to establish or expand their presence in Alabama.:

  • Huntsville
  • Decatur
  • Madison
  • Cullman
  • Guntersville
  • Harvest
  • Northern Alabama
  • Madison
  • Cullman
  • Marshall County

 To contact our team members, click names below:

Scott Gray / Jennifer Gray

Through a win-win system of set pricing for repairs and unit turns for the owner, we have built a reputation for successful, efficient transactions. Our contractors know they will receive pay for completing work quickly. In this way, units get flipped and rented fast, making owners profitable.

For more information about how the Golden Rule Real Estate Team can help you increase your free time and your income simultaneously, visit us online anytime. You are also encouraged to call us at 256-881-4522 at your convenience.

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