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Real Property Management

Real Property Management

Golden rule is in the business of managing other people’s rental properties with the highest levels of professionalism, curtesy, and financial responsibility. When your property is managed by Golden Rule, you can relax and let us do the work. We’ll communicate with you frankly and honestly; and when you need to reach us for any reason, we make it easy! Please see what one of our clients has to say about us below. Then contact us at 256-881-4522 for your own real estate management needs! You’ll be so glad you did.

Mr. Gray along with his staff were very attentive to our needs, our interests and our concerns. He also was very insightful, contributing information that we had not considered and assisting us with making our ultimate selections. Scott was always available by phone and was the most efficient of any agent I have ever encountered. He returned calls and addressed concerns in a timely and forthright fashion. Finally, comparing Scott with the other agents revealed a sense of honesty and duty not previously witnessed by this individual. He, Scott, works for his clients and carries through with negotiations on behalf of his customer from the start of negotiations to the completion. For us, he was also instrumental in the build-out of our space, suggesting contractors and things to consider when proceeding with such a venture. As a physician, Mr. Gray walked me through the process (negotiated on our behalf and ensured that we were protected) from the initiation of the lease. He even ensured a fair price in case we find ourselves renegotiating the lease down the road. Mr. Gray is an honest, hardworking agent that believes in what he does and reflects honesty and sincerity unlike most agents.

~Steven M. Benecke, M.D.

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