Golden Rule Professional Property Management Testimonial

Golden Rule Property Management takes care of all the details.

Golden Rule Property Management takes care of all the details.

Sometimes, when a person or family needs to move, there is good reason to consider leasing a previous home rather than selling it. Becoming a landlord, however, can seem daunting and there is much to learn. Where does one start?

One option for the perspective landlord is seeking trustworthy guidance from an experienced professional property manager. Golden Rule Real Estate Team is one such entity, having built a reputation for successful, efficient transactions. Enlisting Golden Rule’s property management services helps with immediate needs (getting a property leased) and for the long term, by educating and informing the owner about how property leasing and management works best.

Captain Travis Miller discovered great value in the services of Golden Rule founder Scott Gray, and has expressed his thoughts briefly in the following note of appreciation:


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you have helped me with.  You went well above and beyond what anyone would have done when you helped me transition from owner/ occupant to owner/ renter.  You have exhibited unrelenting patience with me as I have begun the learning process of having renters and the challenges associated. You have taught me things about dealing with people that I never learned in 26 years of military and 23 years of the fire service.  

A great person surrounds themselves with great people.  You have done that with the Golden Rule Real Estate Team, and I feel secure in the way ahead and in my relationship with the company.  

Very respectfully,

Captain Travis Miller

If you would like to discuss our unique property management strategies  and how our services might ease your concerns, please contact our property managers online .  We can also be reached by phone at 256-677-9797 or 256-881-4522. We look forward to meeting you.

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