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Real property management help from The Golden Rule Real Estate. Team

Based on their own past experiences hiring property managers to manage their rental properties, Scott and Jennifer  Gray were not happy. They constantly found themselves desiring more responsive, proactive and honest property management services than what seemed to be available.

They remember,  “Those able to meet or exceed our expectations were few and far between.”

And that’s how they decided to go into the business of property management themselves. They realized they could offer services for others managing property the way it should be done.

Since that time, they no longer need other companies for real property management services. Instead, Scott and Jennifer Gray have mastered the art of managing their own rental properties.  Now they offer to you the same expertise they use for themselves.

We welcome the opportunity to manage your property. You’ll get the same attention and integrity we wanted for ourselves. It’s The Golden Rule.

Please click here to discuss your real property management needs or HOA management needs via email, or to arrange a personal call. You are always welcome to call us directly at  256-822-4474. 

Golden Rule Real Property Management makes all the difference…

“Scott and his team have accomplished more in the past three months than my previous management company had in three years. Scott truly has the mindset to manage investment property well, can see what needs to get done to turn a property around, and executes quickly. For once in a very long time, I can see a return to profitability.” 

Let Golden Rule get fantastic results for you too! You’ve got nothing to lose since we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on most properties!  We’re professionals who follow the Golden Rule and get you amazing results while your time is spent doing what’s important to you!

Residential Property Management

residential property management

Residential Property Management from Golden Rule Real Estate Team

Attention Huntsville rental property owners: If you need any type of residential property management help, please call the Golden Rule Team. When you call, you’ll be able to let us know your management needs. And then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the various ways we will meet them.

What is the Golden Rule Real Estate Team and what do they do?

Golden Rule is an elite firm of property managers and experienced real estate professionals serving Huntsville, Decatur, Cullman and Guntersville, Alabama. Our property management company is highly successful in the areas of  HOA and rental  property management. We also offer lease-to-own homes, retail leasing and sales.

How can Golden Rule help me with my rental property investment?

Golden Rule provides real solutions to the problems property managers face every day. We use a win-win system of set pricing for repairs and unit turns for the owner. By rewarding the owner with rent sooner and our contractors with pay for completing work quickly, units are prepared to show right away and rented quickly. The Golden Rule Real Estate Team has built a reputation for successful, efficient, and lasting transactions.

I have had a great experience working with [Golden Rule] . Scott runs a very professional organization and employs quality, hardworking people to lease and manage properties. One of these employees, Saul Levy, has worked closely on my properties. Saul is a young guy with a lot of energy and a passion for excelling on management of real estate. While many younger guys overlook the details in transactions Saul has no propensity for this type of behavior. He has always been thorough in his dealings with my properties which is rather rare for someone of his age. I completely trust his management of my properties and recommend him for anyone wanting first rate management.

— Justin Ersch

Golden Rule provides real solutions for residential property management problems.

So don’t let another day go by leaving you frustrated with property management. Why not call us today at  256-822-4474 and let us help you turn things around? You can also visit us online anytime. And don’t forget: Estimates are fast and always free. Contact us today for yours.

Estate Property Management

Did you know Golden Rule Property Management Team can help with your estate property management? Let’s say you or a loved one becomes unable to continue managing their rental property investment. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to sell it.  That’s because Golden Rule is here to assist.

Golden Rule Provides Successful Estate Property Management for You

estate property management

Golden Rule Estate Property Management

We help you, the owner, maintain your hard-earned rental property success by focusing on some important aspects leading to success. Let’s look at some of what we do. Then let us know what is important to you specifically. You’ll love the way we work with you for overall success with no hassle. Here are some of our methods:

  • High and Consistent Occupancy
    Our average occupancy rates exceed 95%. Your rental property as an investment. The only way to guarantee continued returns on your investment is to ensure the property is leased and in high demand.
  • Up-front Pricing on Maintenance
    With our proprietary software, Golden Rule is able to give you a labor price on nearly all unit turn items (hidden problems excluded). So you don’t have to worry about cost overruns and laborers or maintenance people sitting on the clock.
  • Results-based Advertising
    Golden Rule advertises your property(s) on several websites including Craigs List, Lovely,,, Trulia, and Zillow (several others are picked up by the websites) at no additional costs to you.  Our current vacancy is 2%.  We put time and money where we’ll get results. Then we continue to research new tools to aid in our marketing efforts.
  • Cost of Materials
    Due to volume purchasing, we get 5-20% off at Home Depot and Lowe’s; and we pass these discounts on to you.   Furthermore, we get great 15 mil Vinyl wood grain flooring at a great price.
  • Tenant-paid Utilities
    By implementing tenant-paid utilities, we will increase your per unit value by $21,000 on average. People tend to be more responsible when using resources they are expected to be financially responsible for.

See what Nell has to say about her Golden Rule experience:

My husband and I have had rental properties for many years. We always rented and maintained them ourselves. We thought we would always be able to continue working. But my husband got very sick and was unable to do our maintenance. I tried to carry on hoping he would be able to work again. That did not happen. Time marched on and I was in an accident that left me incapacitated. We got Golden Rule Property Management to manage our properties. They are doing a great job! We are elderly and really appreciate what they are doing for our properties. They are efficient, work hard, and they do not give up. I would recommend them to anyone who has rental property and needs help in managing it.

— Nell Webb

For more information on how we can help you with your residential estate property management needs, please contact us online. Of course, you may also call Golden Rule Real Estate at 256-822-4474. We are here to aid in your continued success.



Real Estate Property Management Huntsville Alabama

The Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management Team makes it possible for property owners to more readily realize their financial goals through rental income. Choosing and purchasing your property is only the first step. Once you have your property, it must be managed well to generate long-lasting income. That’s where we come in. With Golden Rule Team, you receive income each month and your investment appreciates over time.

Golden Rule works behind the scenes so your investment runs smoothly and brings in steady income.

Over the years, our many clients have come to trust Golden Rule with their property and rental businesses. We are your partners in real estate property management success. Our reputation is priceless and we strive to earn your trust every day. Read thoughts from our many highly satisfied clients at your convenience. Challenging ourselves daily to follow the Golden Rule, we care for people and their property with courtesy and attention to detail. This is our way of doing business.

Golden Rule Professional Property Management

Golden Rule Residential Property Management

I have the utmost respect for Scott’s abilities and integrity….Scott has been extremely diligent in responding to the numerous issues and complexities that always come up.

~Wayne C. Harris, Harris Family Enterprises, LLC.

Call Golden Rule today. We’ll answer your questions and help you make important real estate management decisions to positively affect your bottom line. Among other things, we find you the best tenants, write the best leases, and make sure you receive rent paid on time. Your business will run smoothly with no hassle. When you and your tenants are happy, so are we.

For more information on how we can help you with your residential property management needs, please contact us online or call Golden Rule Real Estate at 256-822-4474.

Golden Rule Real Estate Team ~ Best Real Estate Property Management Anywhere

Residential Property Management Success for 2018 Starts Here

4 Plex Property Management

Residential Property Management Success with Golden Rule Real Estate

Residential Property Management Success: Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management Company!

You’re busy living your life and working your day job. So when Golden Rule manages your residential rental property, not only do you receive income, but your real estate business investment improves. Buildings are well maintained, tenants receive quick responses to their concerns, and you cash flow. Whether you keep this property for a lifetime and pass it on to your children, or sell it at a profit, your options are open. Regular maintenance and TLC keep your property healthy for however you want it to work for you.

Golden Rule Real Estate Team Property Management Company is here for you in 2018. We specialize in all residential property management areas. From the purchase of your rental property until the day you sell it, our vast expertise is just waiting to make your life simpler and more productive.

For all your real estate needs, visit us online anytime or call us at 256-822-4474. We’re here for you! And remember, we guarantee our work and estimates on our services are always free!

Happy New Year from Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management

Real Estate Property Management Company

Real Estate Property Management CompanyThe Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management Team would like to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful clients a very

The Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management Team would like to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful clients a very Happy New Year!

It has been a great year for us and we have you, our wonderful clients, to thank. Thank you for letting us come along side in your real estate business. It has been our pleasure helping you to be the most efficient and  profitable with your real estate investment.

We at Golden Rule strive to be the obvious Huntsville property management choice for anyone with a rental property but no time to manage it.  Our Golden Rule team of experts knows the ins and outs of property management like few others and brings positive results every day. The best part is you don’t lift a finger. You live your life, doing what’s important to you… and we make sure you

Receive a paycheck each month!

Don’t take our word for it. See what Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management can do for you in 2018! Call today and let’s get your year started off right and make you profitable. Please visit us online anytime to learn about our track record, or call us at 256-822-4474.. We look forward to making your business and personal life better. With Golden Rule on your side, you have more time for both.

Residential Property Management


Golden Rule Property Managers Working for You

Golden Rule Real Estate Holds the Keys to Residential Property Management Success

The following tips will help you with residential property management and you’ll keep your tenants longer. Happy, long-term tenants mean fewer turnover costs, fewer vacancy costs. These trade secrets are easy, inexpensive ways to get your property noticed.

How to showcase your property better:

  1. Maintain your units to the highest level in the most efficient ways so they can be most appealing.
  2. When installing new floors, opt for tile or vinyl. These products lasts longest and are easier to clean.
  3.  Painting the walls one color, and trim window frames and doors another coordinating color, make a classy impression.
  4. Golden Rule recommends replacing old blinds with new. Often, new blinds cost less than cleaning old ones. They brighten appearance and give a feeling of added security to a prospective tenant.
  5. We like six panel wood doors instead of flat doors for beauty and functionality. With our connections they only cost $2.00 more per door.
  6. Painting the front door is an inexpensive way to make a dramatic visual improvement to an exterior.
  7. Paint the exterior when needed.
  8. Paint or power wash any fencing.
  9. Stripe the parking lot. A fresh parking lot warmly welcomes residents to their classy apartment home.

How we think ahead for cost effectiveness and efficiency:

  1. We almost always use the same color paint and sheen so you can paint one wall instead of an entire unit when preparing for new tenants.
  2. Tile and vinyl last longer than carpet and don’t stain. It’s usually best to use tile or vinyl whenever possible.
  3. Replace glass with plexiglass where practical to minimize future breakage, saving replacement costs and time in the long run.
  4. Paint kitchen cabinets a dark brown satin exterior paint. This hides dirt/grease, is easy to clean, and repels water and moisture so cabinets last longer.

We know your property is an investment, but don’t be the most expensive rental in the area. Vacancy is more expensive than the higher rents you might achieve. Depending on the area, residents may move to a lower-priced place when they find one. Golden Rule knows Huntsville neighborhoods and helps you choose the best rental rates. We help you decrease  turnover and vacancy costs and keep your units full.

“Vacancy is more expensive than the higher rents you might achieve by charging more. We help you choose the best rental rates to keep your steady, well-qualified tenants happy and your units full .”

Let Golden Rule Real Estate Team use our proven keys to rental property management for you. And Don’t forget, we manage HOAs too! For questions and more information about the Golden Rule Real Estate Team’s commitment to quality customer care, contact us online or give us a call at 256-822-4474.

HOA Property Management Companies

When it comes to HOA property management companies, one Huntsville firm really stands out. Trust the Golden Rule Real Estate Team to make your HOA run more smoothly.

Kudos to Scott Gray and his team for taking over the property management!!!  We are excited about the direction we are moving and could not be more pleased to have him on board another year.  The property looks better than it has looked in a long time.

~Vicky P.

How does Golden Rule stand out among HOA property management companies?

Recently, we’ve been of service in the following areas for one local HOA:

  • Organized and executed final payment of huge Waste Management contract and negotiated a better deal, reducing trash collection cost dramatically.
  • Lowered  insurance cost and got better coverage. Got Board of Directors coverage and Property Manager Coverage.
  • Add “No Trespassing” and “No Dumping” signs.

    property management money back guarantee

    Trust the Golden Rule Property Management Teamdumpster area.

  • Work with landscape contractors and leaf collection.
  • Legally go after delinquent condo owners. 
  • Address tree overgrowth problem. 
  • Repair or replace patio fences.
  • Repair/clean gutters.
  • Coat, seal, and paint parking lot.
  • Save for a new roof and other capital improvements.
  • Repair cracks in the exterior of the building.

To speak with Scott or a member of the Golden Rule Real Estate Team, please call us anytime. For help with your HOA, Golden Rule Real Estate Team is your solution. Never hesitate to come to us with questions or comments. You can visit us online or call us at your convenience at 256-822-4474..

Call us today if you want to work with one of the best HOA property management companies Huntsville has to offer!

Real Estate Property Managers

Best Real Estate Property Managers in Huntsville Alabama

best residential property management

Management Companies Huntsville Alabama

Q: What makes Golden Rule the “best” real estate property managers in Huntsville?

A: Without hesitation, we are the best because we are the complete property management answer to all your property management needs and questions.

Best is as the best does.

The Golden Rule Real Estate Team meets your problems with solutions. We manage all your property needs. You receive regular income.

Above all else, we at the Golden Rule Real Estate Team pride ourselves on serving you with the very best residential property management available.  For this reason, we provide our residential property owners the best income-producing potential possible. Accordingly, we are committed to following the golden rule. Because of this, we treat others the way in which we ourselves desire to be treated.

More than a name, we follow the golden rule.

Check out what Andrew Agee has to say about his experience partnering with us:


I enjoy working with Scott and his team. Top notch folks!

— Andrew Agee

Ultimately, whether you are a property owner, renter, service provider, or an HOA, Golden Rule Real Estate Team is your solution to residential property management in Huntsville! Never hesitate to come to us with questions or comments. You can visit us online or call us at your convenience at 256-822-4474..

Call us today if you want to work with the best real estate property managers Huntsville has to offer!


Huntsville Property Management Company

Our Clients say Golden Rule Real Estate Team is Huntsville’s Best Property Management Company.

4 Plex Property ManagementGolden Rule Real Estate Team helps property owners realize their financial goals through monthly residential real estate investment income. These highly satisfied clients receive payments each month while spending their time doing what’s most important to them.

So here’s the Bottom Line:
We do the work and you enjoy the EXTRA REVENUE.

Over the years, our valuable clients have come to trust Golden Rule with their property and rental businesses. We partner with each of them individually to increase their ultimate business success. We work hard to earn a solid reputation for serving our many highly satisfied clients. Your confidence is priceless and we do everything we can to win your trust time and time again. Challenging ourselves daily to follow the Golden Rule, we care for people and their property with courtesy and attention to detail. This is our way of doing business.

Scott and the Golden Real Estate Team took over my property about a year ago. The results were positive and immediate. They bring the skill sets needed to get the job done. Peace of mind is the bottom line. I highly recommend their team for property management needs.

 -Joel Price

We find the best tenants, solid leases, and fair rent, on your behalf... with no hassle!

For more information on how we can partner with you in your residential property management needs, please contact us online or call Golden Rule Real Estate at 256-822-4474.