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Happy New Year from Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management

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Real Estate Property Management CompanyThe Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management Team would like to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful clients a very

The Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management Team would like to take this opportunity to wish our wonderful clients a very Happy New Year!

It has been a great year for us and we have you, our wonderful clients, to thank. Thank you for letting us come along side in your real estate business. It has been our pleasure helping you to be the most efficient and  profitable with your real estate investment.

We at Golden Rule strive to be the obvious Huntsville property management choice for anyone with a rental property but no time to manage it.  Our Golden Rule team of experts knows the ins and outs of property management like few others and brings positive results every day. The best part is you don’t lift a finger. You live your life, doing what’s important to you… and we make sure you

Receive a paycheck each month!

Don’t take our word for it. See what Golden Rule Real Estate Property Management can do for you in 2018! Call today and let’s get your year started off right and make you profitable. Please visit us online anytime to learn about our track record, or call us at 256-822-4474.. We look forward to making your business and personal life better. With Golden Rule on your side, you have more time for both.

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Golden Rule Real Estate Holds the Keys to Residential Property Management Success

The following tips will help you with residential property management and you’ll keep your tenants longer. Happy, long-term tenants mean fewer turnover costs, fewer vacancy costs. These trade secrets are easy, inexpensive ways to get your property noticed.

How to showcase your property better:

  1. Maintain your units to the highest level in the most efficient ways so they can be most appealing.
  2. When installing new floors, opt for tile or vinyl. These products lasts longest and are easier to clean.
  3.  Painting the walls one color, and trim window frames and doors another coordinating color, make a classy impression.
  4. Golden Rule recommends replacing old blinds with new. Often, new blinds cost less than cleaning old ones. They brighten appearance and give a feeling of added security to a prospective tenant.
  5. We like six panel wood doors instead of flat doors for beauty and functionality. With our connections they only cost $2.00 more per door.
  6. Painting the front door is an inexpensive way to make a dramatic visual improvement to an exterior.
  7. Paint the exterior when needed.
  8. Paint or power wash any fencing.
  9. Stripe the parking lot. A fresh parking lot warmly welcomes residents to their classy apartment home.

How we think ahead for cost effectiveness and efficiency:

  1. We almost always use the same color paint and sheen so you can paint one wall instead of an entire unit when preparing for new tenants.
  2. Tile and vinyl last longer than carpet and don’t stain. It’s usually best to use tile or vinyl whenever possible.
  3. Replace glass with plexiglass where practical to minimize future breakage, saving replacement costs and time in the long run.
  4. Paint kitchen cabinets a dark brown satin exterior paint. This hides dirt/grease, is easy to clean, and repels water and moisture so cabinets last longer.

We know your property is an investment, but don’t be the most expensive rental in the area. Vacancy is more expensive than the higher rents you might achieve. Depending on the area, residents may move to a lower-priced place when they find one. Golden Rule knows Huntsville neighborhoods and helps you choose the best rental rates. We help you decrease  turnover and vacancy costs and keep your units full.

“Vacancy is more expensive than the higher rents you might achieve by charging more. We help you choose the best rental rates to keep your steady, well-qualified tenants happy and your units full .”

Let Golden Rule Real Estate Team use our proven keys to rental property management for you. And Don’t forget, we manage HOAs too! For questions and more information about the Golden Rule Real Estate Team’s commitment to quality customer care, contact us online or give us a call at 256-822-4474.