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Property Management Company

Property Management Company

Rental Property Management Company

Golden Rule Real Estate Team is working hard to be Huntsville’s Best Property Management Company.

Golden Rule Real Estate Team helps property owners realize their financial goals through residential real estate investment income. Our clients receive payments each month while using their time doing what’s most important to them.

Bottom Line:
We do the work and you enjoy the EXTRA REVENUE.

Over the years, our valuable clients have come to trust Golden Rule with their property and rental businesses. We partner with you to increase your business success. Our reputation for serving our many highly satisfied clients is priceless and we do everything we can to develop it more and more. Challenging ourselves daily to follow the Golden Rule, we care for people and their property with courtesy and attention to detail. This is our way of doing business.

Scott and the Golden Real Estate Team took over my property about a year ago. The results were positive and immediate. They bring the skill sets needed to get the job done. Peace of mind is the bottom line. I highly recommend their team for property management needs.

 -Joel Price

We find the best tenants, solid leases, and fair rent, on your behalf... and with no hassle!

For more information on how we can partner with you in your residential property management needs, please contact us online or call Golden Rule Real Estate at 256-822-4474.

Rental Property Management Money Back Guarantee

rental property management money back guarantee

Trust the Golden Rule Rental Property Management Money Back Guarantee

Check out our great Golden Rule Property Management money back guarantee! We’re confident you’ll see we’re the best real estate management Huntsville offers. However, if you disagree for any reason, we will refund your last month’s management fees and part friends. Just like that. You’ll love our services and personality, though, so we’re betting you’ll love partnering with us.

When you’re enjoying regular rental income and free time for your most important things in your life, you’ll be glad you trusted Golden Rule with your rental property management needs! Visit Golden Rule Real Estate Team online anytime or call us at 256-881-4522 for details!

Golden Rule Rental Property Management Company is easy to work with and dedicated to excellence.


Golden Rule Property Management
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Residential Property Managers

Residential Property Management by Golden Rule Real Estate Team

Golden Rule residential property managers know the challenges of property management first-hand because they are property owners themselves.

So let’s look at some common property management challenges together:

  • screening tenants- Getting the right tenants is essential for your residential real estate success. Our team takes care of advertising, screening, and securing the best tenants for your space. Golden Rule advertises your property(s) on several websites including Craig’s List, Lovely,,, Trulia, and Zillow at no additional costs to you.  Our current vacancy is less than 5% on most properties.  We put time and money where we’ll get results and continue to research new tools to aid in our marketing efforts.
  • maintaining occupancy- If your space is vacant, you are losing money. We  keep your unit(s) filled with quality, paying, tenants. Our average occupancy rates exceed 95%. You own rental property as an investment. But the only way to guarantee continued returns on your investment is to ensure the property is leased and in high demand with a waiting list. In a competitive rental market, incentives can make a big difference in filling units. We use move-in incentives as deemed necessary.
  • maintenance, repair- A poorly maintained rental property is a liability.  Regular maintenance keeps things running smoothly, people safe, and your tenants happy. In fact, just by being proactive with maintenance, you’ll keep your tenants longer and have fewer problems. Golden Rule is able to give you a labor price on nearly all unit turn items so you won’t have to worry about cost overruns. And due to volume purchasing, we get 5-20% off at Home Depot and Lowe’s.  Always, we pass these discounts on to you.   Also, we get great 15 mil Vinyl wood grain flooring at a great price. Our competent, reasonably priced vendors/contractors enjoy working with us. So when something needs attention, we can provide the most immediate response possible.
  • accounting- Few people love accounting. So we make it easy for you and keep financial facts clear. This way, you can budget and prepare for your future. We understand the nuances of property management, assessments and changes to the law. We are happy to answer your questions, as well as handle any and all tax disputes on your behalf.

Based on our personal experiences hiring property managers to manage our own properties, we found ourselves desiring more responsive, proactive and honest property management services.  Those able to meet or exceed our expectations were few and far between. That’s why we decided to go into the business of property management ourselves; to do it the way we knew it should and could be done.

Remember, Golden Rule residential property managers apply the
same integrity
we use for ourselves.
It’s our Golden Rule Real Estate Team promise to you.

Please click here to discuss your property management needs via email. Or, you can always call us directly at 256-881-4522.