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Our Property Managers Produce Another Win for Owners

Another Real Estate Property Managers Success Story!

real estate property managers

This could be your story…

Madison Heights

Your Huntsville Real Estate Property Managers

This Madison Heights property represents one of the most recent successes from the real estate property managers of the Golden Rule Real Estate Team.

Purchased in June of 2015 for $760,000… it recently sold  for $1.88 million.

Purchased in June of 2015 for $760,000, it recently sold  for $1.88 million.  Those are some results! The Golden Rule team turned this property around and the owners more than doubled their money in just over two years.

Do you have a real estate rental property you need turned around? Could you use a little assistance making your property as profitable as it can be?

See how the Golden Rule Real Estate property managers can help you make money!

Visit us online today, or give us a call at 256-881-4522 during normal business hours. We would love to help you get your property back on track!

Golden Rule Real Estate Team is good at making property worth as much as possible. In fact, they turn lots of properties around. But do keep in mind that property values fluctuate and **no property is guaranteed to be profitable. These results are Golden Rule results on this particular piece of property. Your real estate income results may not be as good, and some real estate loses money.  We always do our very best and results are not guaranteed.




Trust Golden Rule Real Estate Team with Your Rental Property Investment

Do You Need Trustworthy Rental Property Investment Managers?

Trustworthy Rental Property Managers

Seems like everyone claims to know how to manage your resources. So how do you know who you can trust to manage your property well?
~Look for  references!

The Golden Rule Real Estate Team collects testimonial references the way a friendly person collects friends: one-at-a-time and often. Why? Because they truly care and do the job right! The Golden Rule Real Estate Team improves property owners’ lives over and over again. Great customer service and expertise make all the difference. So let’s have a look at just a few of the comments people make about Golden Rule:

  • Great professional service team.  -Donald Fircheard
  • I enjoy working with Scott and his team. Top notch folks!  -Andrew Agee
  • Fair, honest, and professional. Scott had been a great individual to work for and refer my staff to for housing. -Andrew Hollis
  • Scott and the Golden Real Estate Team took over my property about a year ago. The results were positive and immediate. They bring the skill sets needed to get the job done. Peace of mind is the bottom line. I highly recommend their team for property management needs. -Joel Price
  • My husband and I have had rental properties for many years and we always rented and maintained them ourselves. We thought we would always be able to continue working. But my husband got very sick and was unable to do our maintenance and I tried to carry on hoping he would get able to work again. Did not happen. Time marched on and I was in an accident that left me incapacitated. We got Golden Rule Property Management to manage our properties. They are doing a great job! We are elderly and really appreciate what they are doing for our properties. They are efficient, they work hard, and they do not give up. I would recommend them to anyone who has rental property and needs help in renting and managing it. -Nell Webb
  • I have worked with Scott and his team for several years, and the experience has always been enjoyable! -Scott Yerkes
  • An overall incredible team to have on your side. Integrity and trust come to mind when thinking about this company. They manage a property I have in Huntsville Alabama. I’m about to sell my property but really hope I find another one there just so I can have them as my property management team. I would highly recommend Scott Gray and his real estate team to anyone. -Micah Harris

    Now if this isn’t enough references, you can read more from many happy customers right here…

Isn’t it time to get busy living out from behind that desk? Golden Rule can do everything from finding your tenants, creating the leases, managing all aspects of rental property management, and returning security deposits after the unit is left clean and in good repair. That’s it. Don’t you want your life to be just that simple?  If so, give us a call at 256-881-4522, or visit our website anytime. We’re here for all your rental property investment needs.

Golden Rule is dedicated to great service, and it shows!