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Are Your Rental Properties Managed Well?
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Property owners hire property managers for a variety of reasons. Often busy owners just need a little more time in their day. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and the owner needs  to focus elsewhere a while.

The bottom line is this:
Owners want their rental properties managed well.


Golden Rule Property Managers working for you

When you need a property manager with critical expertise and a strong work ethic, Golden Rule is a priceless partner. We step in and lend solutions immediately. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent partnership, and whatever your reason, Golden Rule is the perfect choice for all your rental property needs. Golden Rule Real Estate Team loves managing rental properties. It’s something we take great pride in doing well;  and we never stop getting better at it.

See what Nell Webb has to say:

My husband and I have had rental properties for many years and we always rented and maintained them ourselves. We thought we would always be able to continue working. But my husband got very sick and was unable to do our maintenance and I tried to carry on hoping he would get able to work again. Did not happen. Time marched on and I was in an accident that left me incapacitated. We got Golden Rule Property Management to manage our properties. They are doing a great job! We are elderly and really appreciate what they are doing for our properties. They are efficient, they work hard, and they do not give up. I would recommend them to anyone who has rental property and needs help in renting and managing it.

~Nell Webb

What property management solutions are you looking for? Let Golden Rule Real Estate Team answer all your management questions. Visit us online anytime or call during normal business hours at 256-881-4522. We are here to help you do well in every area of residential rental property management.

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