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Best Property Management Service by Golden Rule Real Estate


When Golden Rule Real Estate Team provides your property management service, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Guesswork disappears, paperwork lessons, tenants get screened, rent checks come in regularly, maintenance gets done, taxes get filed, and you relax. Just visit us online anytime or call 256-881-4522 for questions and superior care and service.

We offer three very important Cs:

  • COMMITMENT to success and rental well-being for our clients and tenants
  • CARE for your needs, big, small, anticipated and unexpected
  • COMMUNICATION on a regular basis and as needed

Golden Rule delivers the highest level of commitment, care, and communication in all phases of property management. See what people are saying when Golden Rule manages their property… or to read more, click here…


Thank you very much for everything you have done and for managing to get respecting tenants for our house. I hope that they enjoy the house as much as I have. I really miss it a lot.

Margarite B.

Scott and his team have accomplished more in the past three months than my previous management company had in three years. Scott truly has the mindset to manage investment property well, can see what needs to get done to turn a property around, and executes quickly. For once in a very long time, I can see a return to profitability.

Sam P.


You have brought us out of the gutter successfully! We are seeing yet another month of record rents and will hopefully move to only 3 vacant units in the next few weeks.

Sam H.


After years of managing my thirteen rental properties myself, I retired and it became increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the responsibilities of property management. My properties were more than half vacant (7 of the 13 units were vacant) and I had to get help. Mrs. Elvira Venson, of the Golden Rule Real Estate Team, got all of the units rented and was extremely professional and efficient. Not only did she get new tenants in quickly,   but was able to increase the rent and secure long-term lease agreements. Golden Rule Real Estate Team kept me completely informed during the process and was always available to answer any of my questions. I have complete trust in their abilities and am very happy I turned my properties over to Golden Rule and Elvira. I highly recommend the Golden Rule Real Estate Team and Mrs. Elvira Venson for anyone’s property management needs.

Gregory D. Bliss,
Timberbrook, LLC


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you have helped me with.  You went well above and beyond what anyone would have done when you helped me transition from owner/ occupant to owner/ renter.  You have exhibited unrelenting patience with me as I have begun the learning process of having renters and the challenges associated. You have taught me things about dealing with people who I never learned in 26 years of military and 23 years of the fire service.

A great person surrounds themselves with great people.  You have done that with the Golden Rule Real Estate Team, and I feel secure in the way ahead and in my relationship with the company.

Very respectfully,
Captain Travis Miller

Property Management Residential

Let’s take another look at Golden Rule Real Estate Team’s

Keys to Rental Success

Mahogany Row multi-family unit property managersThe following tips will help you with property management residential and you’ll keep your tenants longer. Happy, long-term tenants mean fewer turnover costs, fewer vacancy costs. These trade secrets are also easy, fairly inexpensive ways to

get your property NOTICED!

  1.  Make your units the nicest in the area so those who live nearby want to live there and stay longer! 
  2. When installing new floors, opt for tile or vinyl. It lasts longer and is easier to clean.
  3.  Paint walls one color. Then paint trim, window frames, and doors another coordinating color for a classy look.
  4. Replace old blinds. New blinds cost less than cleaning old ones. They brighten appearance and give a feeling of added security to a prospective tenant.
  5. Use six panel wood doors instead of flat doors. With our connections they only cost $2.00 more per door. These doors look nicer, are less likely to be damaged, and last longer.
  6. Paint the front door.
  7. Paint the exterior when needed.
  8. Paint or power wash any fencing.
  9. Stripe the parking lot. A fresh parking lot says “classy apartment home”.

Tenant proof your units:

  1. Always use the same color paint and sheen so you can paint one wall instead of an entire unit when preparing for new tenants.
  2. Tile and vinyl last longer than carpet and don’t stain. Use tile or vinyl whenever possible.
  3. Replace glass with plexiglass where practical to minimize future breakage, saving replacement costs and time.
  4. Paint kitchen cabinets a dark brown satin exterior paint. This hides dirt/grease, is easy to clean, and repels water and moisture so cabinets last longer.

Don’t be the most expensive rental in the area! Vacancy is more expensive than the higher rents you might achieve. Residents will move to a lower-priced place when they find one, increasing your turnover and vacancy costs.

“Vacancy is more expensive than the higher rents you might achieve…”

Let Golden Rule Real Estate Team use our keys to rental property management residential success for you. And Don’t forget,


For questions and more information, contact us online or give us a call at 256-881-4522.

Do You Self-Manage your HOA?

The grounds have never looked better, and our finances are the best they have been in a decade.

If you self-manage your HOA and are tired of it, you should know this: The Golden Rule Real Estate Team really does what it claims to do. Consider the following testimonial from an HOA member who used to self-manage a small HOA...

To whom it may concern,

Scott Gray and his Golden Rule team have been managing Marinawoods II Condominiums since August of 2016.  Marinawoods II had been looking for a property management agent for four years when I received a flyer from Golden Rule in the mail.   I called Scott and explained our situation, which was grave.  Marinawoods II had chronic delinquencies with association fees, and was on the verge of financial collapse.  Golden Rule stepped in and reduced our operating cost by 50%.  In addition, Golden rule has the economies of scale that ensure collection of required fees from association members.  Scott is accessible, professional, and knowledgeable.  It has been a pleasure working with him to turn Marinawoods II around.

In summary:  The grounds have never looked better, and our finances are the best they have been in a decade.

Best Regards,
Jim Skinner

If you can relate with Jim and are tired of self-manageing your HOA, give the Golden Rule Real Estate Team a call at 256-881-4522 or visit us online anytime. We’re good for our clients because we’re good at what we do!