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~by Golden Rule Real Estate

You finally purchased a rental property. Congratulations! But now what?

Property Management Services

Property Management Services

  • Where will you find your tenants?  

  • How will you screen them?

  • What if they don’t pay?

  • What if they trash the place?

  • Who pays utilities?

  • Who fixes the AC?

  • Who replaces the broken window?

These, and nearly all rental management problems evaporate when you take advantage of our Golden Rule Property Management Services. We look long and hard at each rental situation to determine the best course of action in renting a property. Through years of experience, we have worked out the big kinks that can trip up a “rookie renter”. Drawing upon a long list of resources and good habits, our goal is to get your property rented long-term, at a good price, without ongoing stress to you. Simple? Yes and no…

We get your property rented long-term, at a good price, without ongoing stress to you!

Have you ever listened to a great pianist play? The music seems effortlessly drawn from the instrument. But as we all know, the pianist has spent many years honing her talents into in-depth skills. So it is with most skills. Managing rental property is simple too, if one has learned how, and has a passion for the challenges that come with the job. The Golden Rule Real Estate Team has this needed skill and passion.

Give Golden Rule Property Management Services a call today at 256-881-4522 or visit us online anytime. We will be happy to meet with you personally or over the phone and discuss all your rental management questions and concerns.


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