Apartment Facelift by Golden Rule Property Management

 Does Your Apartment Beg to be Lived in?

It Does if it’s Managed by Golden Rule Real Estate!

Golden Rule Real Estate Team knows how to turn outdated, dingy apartments into bright, inviting homes. We almost always begin with fresh paint, floors, and blinds. This greatly lightens and visually enlarges an apartment home. Then we replace old interior and closet doors with six-panel doors to make them last longer and look better. With a balanced budget, great maintenance, and competitive pricing, your apartment will show beautifully, and rent fast!

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Does Your Rental Property Need an Apartment Facelift?

If your apartment doesn’t meet your normally high standards and there’s no time to deal with it, call us! We enjoy local business relationships, volume discounts, and great product sources. Our hard-working, knowledgable staff works diligently for your benefit, taking your rental property from dingy to dynamite fast. Use Golden Rule for your rental property management needs. For more information on how Golden Rule can help you return to profitability quickly, visit us online or call 256-881-4522.


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