Golden Rule Properties get Leased!

Golden Rule properties get leased fast! In fact 95% of all Golden Rule properties are already leased! 

Have you got property you’d like to make income with?
Golden Rule Real Estate has a successful formula for turning a variety of places into successful, productive income-producing homes!

Multi-family unit property leased by Golden Rule Property Managers

Golden Rule Properties Get Leased!

Our Properties get Leased FAST! We had a resident move out July 7 and the new resident moved in at higher rent on July 11.  We have a waiting list of tenants for good units!

We’ll manage your property well, make any necessary improvements, expertly advertise for success, and get your property leased to qualified residents who pay their rent on time.

We do all of this to get your property up-and- running as an income producing machine. Then we maintain your property flawlessly, keeping your tenants pleasantly pleased with quick responses to any of their home- maintenance needs. Simultaneously, you enjoy regular income while using your time on other pursuits.

Imagine earning income while taking classes, running a business, or enjoying a family vacation!

To discuss your personal property situation and learn about exciting ways we can help with all your property management needs, please contact us at 256-881-4522.

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