Elements of Successful Property Management, By Golden Rule Real Estate

Just a few Elements of Successful Property Management Employed by Golden Rule Real Estate Management


High and Consistent Occupancy

Our average occupancy rates exceed 95%. You own your real estate income property to make or save money. The only way to guarantee continued returns on your investment is to ensure the property is leased and in high demand with a waiting list.

Up-front Pricing on Maintenance

With our proprietary software, Golden Rule is able to give an accurate labor price on nearly all unit turn items (hidden problems excluded) so you don’t worry about cost overruns.

Advertising that gets Results

We advertise your property(s) on several websites (Craig’s List, Lovely, Apartments.com, rent.com, Trulia, and Zillow at no additional costs to you. Our current vacancy is 2%.

Cost of Materials

Golden Rule gets deep volume discounts at Home Depot and Lowe’s, and we pass these savings on to you. We also get great (15 Mil Vinyl with Wood Grain) flooring at low prices.

Tenant- Paid Utilities

By implementing tenant-paid utilities, we will increase your per unit value on average by $21,000. And, we have found time and again that people tend to be more responsible when using resources they are expected to pay for themselves.

Move-in Specials

In a competitive rental market, incentives can make a big difference on how quickly vacant units are filled. We use these incentives as they benefit our valued clients.

Efficient Repair and Upkeep Management

We have built a team of competent, reasonably priced vendors/contractors who enjoy working with us. When something needs attention, we provide the most immediate response possible for your tenants.

Experienced, Informed Tax Dispute

We understand the nuances of property management, assessments and changes to the law. We are happy to answer your questions and handle any and all tax disputes on your behalf.

Most importantly: We treat the properties we manage as we would our own.

For questions or more information on how we can make your rental property management experience a more wonderful experience for you, please visit us online or call us at 256-881-4522.

Golden Rule Real Estate is a proud BBB MEMBER

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