Excellence in Huntsville Property Management by Golden Rule Real Estate

Golden Rule Real Estate Team is known for Excellence in Huntsville Property Management.

Through ongoing personal and professional educational growth and varied experiences managing real estate in the Huntsville area for a wide variety of owners, we are always honing our skills for the benefit of everyone involved. We have a system that works well and is only getting better. This system helps us to flourish in the following areas:

High and consistent occupancy
Our average occupancy rates exceed 95%. You don’t own rental property for fun or as a hobby. You own it to make or save money. The only way to guarantee continued returns on your investment is to ensure the property is leased and in high demand with a waiting list.

Up-front maintenance pricing
With our proprietary software, we are able to give you a labor price on nearly all unit turn items (hidden problems excluded) so you dont have to worry about cost overruns and laborers or maintenance people wasting their time (and your money). Our overall occupancy exceeds 95% and our economic occupancy exceeds 90%.

Advertising that gets results
We advertise your property(s) on several websites (Craigs List, Lovely, Apartments.com, rent.com, trulia, zillow and several others are picked up by the websites) at no additional costs to you.  Our current vacancy is 2%.  We put our time and money where the results are and always research new tools to add to our marketing efforts.

Cost of materials
We get 5-20% off at Home Depot and Lowe’s and you get the discounts passed onto you.  We get these discounts because of the volume of supplies we purchase from them that very few other management companies get.  We also get great flooring (15 Mil Vinyl with Wood Grain for $0.75 per square foot).

Tenant-paid utilities
By implementing tenant-paid utilities, we will increase your per unit value on average by $21,000. And, we have found time and again that people tend to be more responsible when using resources they are expected to pay for themselves.


Your Huntsville Property Management Experts

Your Huntsville Property Management Experts

Through this win-win system of set pricing and steady unit turns for the owner, rent checks appear sooner while our contractors are paid quickly for quality work done. Units get back on line right away and rented. This is how the Golden Rule Real Estate Team has built a reputation for excellence and efficiency with real estate property management transactions.

Team members Scott and Jennifer Gray work diligently to provide numerous necessary and helpful areas of support to property owners across Alabama. They specialize in Huntsville, Decatur, Madison, Cullman, Guntersville, Harvest, Northern Alabama, and the Marshall County areas. For more information about Golden Rule Huntsville property management or to contact our dedicated team members, visit us anytime at Goldenrulerealestateteam.com.  You can also reach us easily by phone at 256-881-4522. We look forward to partnering in your success.

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